Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back to black

I actually started a wardrobe overhaul some time ago. I did have a lot of clothes, yet nothing to wear. I used to go by the "more is more" approach with my clothes, shoes and accessories for quite a while. And to afford that, I also went for quantity, not quality. I assume that's a very common approach and I still understand why it's so appealing. It's nice to have a extensive wardrobe.

Nonetheless, I did rethink this philosophy some time ago and have been slowly (painstakingly slowly) building a good collection of things to wear. I'm nowhere near finished, but at least I can see some progress.

I try periodically to review everything I have and try to figure out what I still need. I just came to a realization that was quite unexpected. I figured I was doing pretty well and then realized I'm missing some definite basics. Like black shoes. I have one pair of black shoes, they're square-toed with a gold buckle. Very basic and work appropriate. But that's it.

How is it possible for a self-proclaimed shoe-addict like myself to have ONE pair of black shoes? This should be remedied immediately! (What do you mean "looking for an excuse for shoe shopping"?)

Top row from here
bottom row here, here and here

These are some of the shoes I've been thinking about. The top row are all Christian Louboutins (From left Lady Lynch, Pigalle and Rolando) and the bottom row from Fendi, YSL and Brian Atwood. I haven't quite decided what I want yet, but I think I need to go try some of these on. I'm now leaning towards to CLs, just because they are very basic. The ones from Fendi and YSl are gorgeous, but to be honest, they are both on my all time favourite shoes list, so I might want to get them in a funkier colour or material... I love my blue suede Brian Atwood's, but for basic black pumps, I might skip the peeptoe.

I do think a really good pair of black shoes should be the next thing on my list... (notice the key word "should". There's always a good chance I fall for a pair that's not practical at all...)

If you are at all curious to other things on my "I wish" list, you can check out my board "the (imaginary) shopping list" on Pinterest.


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