Thursday, April 26, 2012

Batman in various Nordic languages

When I showed the Batman in Icelandic -thingy to Chris (see the post below if you missed the original), I was (once again) laughing too hard. He looks at me and the following conversation takes place:

C: "I see"
C: "so, what's Batman in Finnish then?"
Me: " ... "
Me: "... right..."
Me: *laughs even harder*

FIY: Batman in Finnish is "Lepakkomies"

These amazing shoes were found from Bat Blog (where else)

And as an added bonus, I do believe the Swedes call him "Läderlappen" Correct me if I'm wrong


  1. He used to be Lynvingen in Norwegian, but as some point they just changed it to Batman.

    1. Lightning wing? I think he's known as batman in Finland nowadays too, but to be honest, not sure. I know he was lepakkomies when I was a kid... Superman was terasmies (steelman).

  2. Yupp Läderlappen in Sweden.. Leather patch? Nahkalappu!

    1. Nice, I do think the Swedes take the cake on this one.

      Kai se on "ihan vaan nahkis kavereille"? (Man, I find myself to be absolutely hilarious)