Wednesday, April 25, 2012


In attempt to make my wardrobe more interesting, I've started experimenting with jewelry. I've always loved earrings and bracelets and have been wearing those for a log time, however, necklaces have been a bit more tricky. I've worn some, sure, but more as an afterthought that anything else.

Photo from Polyvore

I received a few bolder necklaces as gifts recently and started with those. Then I happened to find a pretty funky Guess by Marciano necklace at a local thrift store. I figured I can invest the whopping $8 on a statement necklace and see if I'll learn wear it. I wore it with a black t-shirt under a dark blazer and it worked surprisingly well! So, I figure that slowly but surely, I'll give this whole accessorizing thing a try...

Do you have trouble with accessorizing or is it easy for you?


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