Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Inspiration

You can't call me minimalistic under any circumstances, I often go for the more is more approach (see, I call keeping stuff an "approach". That makes it acceptable and quirky, eccentric at most (rather than sloppy or weird)).

Anyhow, this doesn't mean I don't appreciate the simplistic view on things. In fact, I quite admire this. So, for this week's inspiration post I would like to share something pretty awesome with you!

These are simple, clutter free desktops. I just love them.

This last one is the one we're using right now

All pictures from Simple Desktops

P.S. There's some really amazing ones in either brighter colours or black. I just couldn't show them here because they looked out of place with all the whiteness here... (Can you say first world problems?)


  1. I have this one at the moment:

    1. I like it. Unexpected choice, but a good one.