Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What to wear now

So, I read a lot of fashion related materials. If I were an trendy person, this is what I would wear right now:

1. Printed pants, especially floral

Seriously, the printed pants have been around for a while now, but you still have time to be fashionable if you act now. Get floral pants a.s.a.p!
Runner up: patterned or colourful pants. Not the hight of trendiness any longer, but you'll still look stylish. Extra bonus points if your pants resemble pyjama pants or are pale mint green.

2. Neon

Keep it to a minimal though. It came with a bang and goes easily overboard. Get a neon purse or a belt. On a budget? nail polish or a piece of jewelry, like a bangle.
Runner up: bright colours in tiny splashes

3. Scarf prints

Best bet would be a button down shirt, preferably slightly sheer. (Didn't this try to break in a few years ago, but didn't get much further than a few dresses?)
Runner up: old school scarves

4. Peplum

Get a top with a peplum hem, wear it with everything.
Runner up: scalloped hems and other details

5. Metallic cuffs

This would be best around your neck, but if that isn't your thing, around your ankles. Wrists work too if that's all you can find, as long as you're wearing one on each.
Runner up: friendship bracelets (yes, still)

Also, keep in mind colour blocking and mixing prints.

One step ahead? Tone on tone outfits.

Photo Chloe S/S2012 from here

P.S. don't forget, your pants need to be either skinny and too short or optionally wide and too long!


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