Thursday, July 12, 2012

Brinner at McGill

Yesterday I spent the day at McGill university participating in local artisans showcase arranged for the attendees of ISPA, the International School Psychology Conference. Unfortunately the arrangements for the showcase left some room for improvement. However, I did meet some new local artisans and crafty peeps, so I can't in good conscience say that the day was a total loss. I spent the day discussing crafts, fairs, techniques, paper cutters, washi tape, birthday parties and Babar the elephant. 

I used the same table set up which I designed for the Puces Pop show since it seemed to work pretty well. I am going to keep improving this one, but I feel that now I at least have a 'go to' solution if I need to put a display together in a flash. 

I always try to bring things to make/finish. I want to keep busy and make sure I utilize the downtime. I brought packaging materials and a few new items I didn't get a chance to pack yet, I also always bring a ton of product or address labels that I can cut out if I have the time. And I have some basic supplies which I tend to carry with me all over the place,  just in case inspiration strikes. This basic supplies kit naturally comes in a panda pencil case I got from my sister. 

I had to take this photo from the other side of the table. I feel this really explains quite a bit about me. This is the section of the table that did not have any products, just labels and random personal crafts stuff. You can see it's a bit of a mess, with business cards I was adding to my journal (there was a lot of downtime), some cards I was planning on writing, coffee, a fork (?), paper scraps and my journal (you can see the corner on the right of the photo). And of course a panda pencil case. I'm sure this photo really re-enforces the image you have of me as a serious adult. 


  1. Mäki haluun tuollasen pandan!! Aivan ihana!

    1. Se on kieltamatta aika symppis. Vahan jo kulahtanut panda parka, mutta toimii edelleen.