Sunday, July 8, 2012

Feel like writing a letter?

I've been writing (about) letters recently. After thinking about them and trying to make an effort to send more traditional mail, I've been aimlessly wondering online for some ideas. I had planned a whole other post about the topic for today, but I changed my mind once I saw a story about a 5year old girl named Miette. You can get to know more about her right here

Miette has an inoperable brain tumor which doesn't have a cure, you can read the details here if you want to know more.

The reason why I'm telling you this, is because Miette is on a mission to receive as much mail as possible. So, if you've been thinking about writing a letter, maybe you could send one to her. Just a simple postcard would do as well. You can send the mail to:

PO Box 2134
Brighton QLD 4017

You can find her blog at Miette's Journey. There's plenty of more information over there, inluding things she likes and ways to help.

I'm going to send something. 


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