Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jean Talon market

I've been making a genuine effort to eat better. I don't mean in a dieting kind of a way, but eating more fresh veggies and making sure I enjoy what I eat. This isn't to say I couldn't afford to lose a few pounds... I will happily admit I really like eating, so it's time to be at least conscious what I put into my body. Also, I'm no longer 20 and can't eat (or drink) like I used to. (Somehow eating fast food at 4 o'clock in the morning did seem like a great idea on numerous occasions)

Anyhow, before I get too distracted, let me get to the point. Summer is an easy time to eat healthier. With the kind of heat we've had recently (at least I don't feel eating anything too heavy then) and with the selection of fresh veggies there's really no excuse. We recently went to a local market to really add to the experience. Jean Talon Market is about 20 minute bike ride from our place (yeah, I biked for the first time in about a decade! That's another story though).

Photo from Marches Publics

We went there for some ingredients for dinner and I have to say I always love going there. I think we need to go back soon, there's some really great places to have lunch as well. This time we just went shopping.

Do you have a marketplace like this close to your home? Do you go there often?


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