Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another thrift-tastic day

I was running around all day yesterday to and from meetings. After hours of travel, I finally got close to home and what did I do? Why, I went to my usual charity shops of course!

I'm really glad I did, I found some really good stuff!

I found a ton of paper awesomeness. There's a few newer things, but some of them definitely look vintage. I couldn't be more excited. I almost squeed (<-- still a word) with happiness when I saw them.

Here's a better look at the more vintage looking things. A ton of stickers! They make me so happy. I can for sure find a lot of uses for these guys. They are all different sizes and different colours (I went with a lot of pink, but at least they are different shades of pink) 

Only later that day (ok, like 2:30 in the morning, I had a lot on my mind and couldn't sleep) I all of a sudden got a great idea how to use the large pink ones! It was one of those moments where I just wondered why it took me so long! They are absolutely perfect for a project I've been planning. I'll show it to you in a few weeks! 

Also, how much fun would these be added to some snail mail?

I also found a stack of scrapbooking paper and really cute paper thread (it's yellow with red polkadots). The scrapbooking paper stack is not the first one I've found, but it always makes me very excited. This particular stack is 8x8 and has 21 different paper designs, 2 of each style (that makes 42 sheets. Yes, I counted it all by myself! I'm so good at this whole math thing!) . The stack originally had 48 sheets, so looks like someone used 6 papers and donated the rest to the shop. I always get very excited about this, as this type of paper can get expensive (when you like paper as much as I do...). I also feel that when I've rescued a stack of scrapbooking paper from a charity shop, that's when I can use it in my upcycled crafts with a clear conscience. 

The last, but not least, has a lot of potential, but might not end up being anything... As you can see there's a Coach logo and a Gucci print. I am not yet certain if these are real or not, so I won't post better photos yet. If they are real, then I'll show you the details. I think one of them is a fake, but I want to double check before saying anything. I thought the Moschino bag was fake, until I realized it was the real deal! So, I don't always trust my first instinct when it comes to spotting a fake.

If you're wondering why I bought them even if I think one of them is a fake, let me tell you: sharks! Sharks are the types of people who spot something good in your basket and start following you around in hopes you leave one of the goodies somewhere. If you're being stubborn and you look like you're going to buy the things you found, they'll start telling you things are fake, so you would change your mind (and then they can inspect it properly and most likely buy it if it's real or sometimes if it's a good fake). I had two of these (one telling me the Gucci is a Guess) following me around, so I decided to take the risk and bring them home where I could inspect them in peace. I'll let you know what the outcome is!

If nothing else, I made a $10 donation to charity and prevented anyone else from making the same mistake.

So, have you found anything good recently? Do you go to thrift stores or charity shops?


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