Thursday, April 4, 2013


I have to make a confession. I don't like playing boardgames.

Weird, right?

I just can't really remember enjoying them much. There were a few I played with my sister when I was a kid that I think I liked, but as I got older I really didn't enjoy them.  The only exceptions I remember in the last decade that I had fun playing, or that at least seemed like fun, were Risk and, more recently, Scattergories. I'm much more of a puzzle kind of a gal, so that might be a reason why. Also, and here's another new piece of info about me, I am absolutely tone deaf*. So, this really limits my ability to play games like Cranium or anything that has a musical ("hum or whistle this song while your team tries to guess it") element to it.

The reason why I am telling you this is that, even though I don't like playing boardgames, I really love vintage boardgames... Makes no sense, right?

I am irresistibly dawn towards the boardgames at any thrift shop. The older the games, the better. I have an unexplained weakness to collecting colorful playing cards and cute game pieces.

Vintage game pieces
Even though it's very hard for me to top the joy in finding the vintage treasures I've been searching for a long time, like the globe and the trunk, I did make a little squee of happiness when I recently found these two in the shop! how amazing are these cards? I simply adore them!

Vintage game pieces
Vintage boardgames
Vintage boardgames

Anyone else out there who dares to confess not being a fan of boardgames?

*) and I don't mean this in "oh, I can't really sing very well" -kind of a way. Oh, no! I mean this in a "everyone who has ever heard me even hum along a song, has asked me to stop" -kind of a way.


  1. I love boardgames. No sympathy from me!

    1. Yeah... I figured you might say that... Only the puzzle kinds for me!

  2. I like board games as well. I particularly like those that involve spelling or word combinations or sound combinations or noises- I think you get the picture. A combination of great art or interesting art and linguistic stimulation is lots of fun for me.