Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On the crafting desk - pandas and pies, paper, oh my

It's that time again to start going through all the beautiful materials I have piling up in my craft closet. Just because it's spring and I am sorting through things, doesn't make it "spring cleaning".

I'm just... taking inventory.

That's right, sounds much more fun than cleaning!

Vintage paper

I started going through my stashes of awesome paper. As I go through the materials for any of my products, I always save little snippets or pictures I think are great. Sometimes I use them in crafts, but there's always a huge pile that I'm not sure what to do with. I think I will bring back the paper packs to the shop... I had those available some time ago, but once I ran out, I just didn't make any more. I think I might just do the same thing again.

I feel bad when I have these amazing pieces of mainly vintage paper that aren't getting the appropriate attention they deserve.

book pages
I also found some awesome books from the 70s in the piles of books I've rescued. I've had them both for a while, but they've just been waiting for the right inspiration. Last night I got started, I feel they will make amazing envelopes. I will list some in the shop once they are finished.

Do you do this? Save paper snippets and run out of time to use them all?


  1. ooh that ephemera stuff is just awesome, I love finding that kind of things in my closet! :)

    1. I'm always excited to find cool things like this. The only problem comes when I realize how much of it there is...