Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday scheduling

I'm planning for the new week. I know reading a post about how busy the blogger is gets really boring. I also know that there hasn't been anything really interesting in the blog recently. Don't get me wrong, I only write about things that interest me, but I have the opportunity to see what kind of topics you like to read about. I do check the traffic to my blog fairly often to see what are the more popular topics.

The good news is that there are more DIY projects coming, I know you like those! And I promise there will be some non-snailmail related ones coming soon. Don't worry though, there will also be plenty of snail mail. In fact, there's some new style of outgoing mail for the post tomorrow. I've also developed a new easy recipe to share with you.

Spring is coming
The snow is melting. These photos were taken almost two weeks ago, it's even better now! Soon I can start sharing spring photos from Montreal.

I'm currently working on some very interesting projects. I actually get to plan my first wedding decor/concept! That's really exciting! I'm making custom invitations for two parties, the wedding I mentioned and another event, which is a combined birthday and baptism. It's so much fun to get to work on two such different events. I'll share some photos eventually if my customers will be ok with that. That'll have to be later though, since I'm sure they'll want their invitations out first.

I'm also still working on re-stocking my shop and trying out some new ideas for new products.

How does your upcoming week look like?


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