Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Inspiration - a herb garden

As I write this, the temperature outside is +15 degrees Celsius. That's 59 degrees Fahrenheit. The high for today is supposedly 23 C/73 F. So, this means two things:

1) I am mentally starting my spring and summer preparations; and
2) I will go outside immediately after finishing this post and will not come back inside all day.

But, let's start with the first. I need to continue my spring cleaning. I should really pack away the last of my winter gear and bring out all the lighter shoes and clothes. However, that is incredibly boring and not really fun at all (especially if I'd write an entire post about it, the results make me happy, not so much the process).

However, there is something fun that I've been thinking about; a herb garden. No, wait! Hear me out! I've done this a few times and I only have fun herbs, things that I actually use. So far the most useful herbs have been basil; for cooking like pasta sauce and it's absolutely incredible when plucked from the plant and served on top of mozzarella and tomatoes; mint; for mojitos and it's amazing with fresh pineapple and finally, cilantro; for everything. I love cilantro. It's tough to grow at home, but it's so good with everything, also, makes incredible pesto.

I only have a small outdoor space that faces the sun, so I've been looking for inspiration for a compact herb garden.

Source: via Trix on Pinterest

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Source: via Lyn on Pinterest

I can't wait to get started. It's still a bit early, but I'm already thinking about what to do this year. You can see the set up from last year here

Do you grow herbs? What are your favorites?


  1. Mä haluaisin niiiin oman yrttipuutarhan ja itseasiassa ihan kunnon salaisen puutarhan, mutta fakta on se, että mulle ei kyllä ole geeneissä mutsin viherpeukalo, joten siitä tulisi vaan katastrooffi :(

    1. Mulla on kylla aina ollut ihan sama juttu. Oon tappanut ihan jokaikisen kasvin joka mulla on ollu himassa. Naa yrtit ja tomaatit on olleet ainoat jotka on selvinny hengissa. Ma luulen, etta tahan asiaan auttoi se, etta naa yrtit on ulkona suorassa auringossa. Suosittelen kyl kokeilemaan, mutta tee niinkun mina: Hanki vaan helppoja yrtteja. Basilika ja minttu tarvii vaan auringon valoa ja vetta (ja siis ma unohdan sen vedenkin aina valilla).

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