Monday, April 22, 2013

Mail on Monday

Happy Monday! It's everyone's favorite day! (No? It's not?)

For me, last week was... Well, really, really long. There was a whole lot going on and not all of it great. I am hoping this week will be much, much better. I'm actually fairly sure it will be. The weather is beautiful, sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. A smidgen on the chillier side still, but not too bad. At +9C/48F it's definite sneaker weather. When I can wear my Converse, I'm one happy gal. It won't be  much longer now that I can bust out my nice heels too!

Let's take a peek at the mailbox:


Mail Love - Outgoing
Mail Love - Outgoing
Mail Love - Outgoing As I mentioned here and here, I've been working on some new items for my shop. The thing is that I don't just make things for sale, I love everything I make! To the point that I actually use the things I make. These envelopes are all a part of the sets I made this weekend, sometimes I just like them so much that I have to use a few myself before putting them up for sale...

The first two are made from the pages of a book about ChiChi the Panda. It's a photo book about ChiChi moving to a new zoo. There were a few photos of some of the other animals at the zoo, so that's why there was a photo of the deer. I love the quality of the paper! And I think the envelopes turned out awesome. I'm kind of tempted to keep a few more for myself. Maybe there will be a few left over when I start packing these... There will be a few sets available in the shop soon!

The last one of the envelopes is from a 1970s pastry book. The photos were just too awesome! They combine really yummy looking desserts with 70s photo props. How cool is that!


Mail Love - Incoming
The first incoming is a construction-y (I feel any word can be made into an adjective by adding a Y at the end) letter from Susanne! It's awesomely committed to the theme, the envelope is made from a page with pictures of tools, the stamps show kids dressed up in construction site appropriate gear and it's closed with, you guessed it, duct tape. Awesome! Thanks Susanne!

Mail Love - Incoming And the second incoming letter from last week is from Laura, who sadly just took a break from her blog. She can now be found over at LEP. I'm glad I get to still read your awesome thoughts on matters of life and death, like the zombie apocalypse and fountain pens! Thanks Laura!

So, are you planning on sending some mail this week?


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