Monday, April 15, 2013

Mail Monday

Hello everyone! Did you guys have a good weekend?

Mine was pretty awesome. For example, I was finally able to go see one of the Michaels craft stores that are open in Quebec! There isn't one close by to where we live, so it was a rare treat. I basically spend a long while picking out papers for the custom wedding invitations I'm making. So, it was pretty great!

On the mail front I continued my experiments with the translucent tracing paper snail mail. I tried a few new things and still love working with it. You might still see a few in the future, but I am also trying to come up with new ideas for you to see!



Mail Love - Outgoing

Vintage comic book, superhero snail mail. I mean, what's not to love, right? I decorated the sheets of tracing paper with doodles of Superman, clipped out some images from a vintage comic book and stuffed them all in the translucent envelope. Of course it's all topped off with a speech bubble address label. I even took a photo of the back of the envelope, since I feel like it turned out pretty fun too.

Sometimes when I make these odd crafts of mine, I know immediately who it needs to go to. I just knew this one had to go to Jessica.

Mail Love - Outgoing
Another transparent envelope that's going out to Susanne. On this one I continued with the fashionable 1920s peeps theme, but added this dapper gentleman. He's looking all snazzy in his fancy suit and hat, marvelling the paintings, but secretly he's dreaming of being home, playing his guitar.

Sometimes the mail tells a full story.

On this one I wanted to experiment further with layering the paper and trying to add texture to it. It's tough to get a decent photo of it, but it's quite heavily textured.


Mail Love - Incoming
I got this amazing mail from Jessica. She's used a page from a calender to make the envelope and it was such a treat to get it in the mail! Thanks Jessica! As you can see, the answer is already on it's way! This happens very rarely that I get a chance to answer to something this fast. This time it just so happened that I had everything ready and I already knew what I needed to send.

Have you received anything fun in the mail recently?


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