Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Outdoor living room

I've been working on the front balcony again. I added some herbs and a tomato plant before, but now I've been trying to make it a part of the living room. It's not exactly a balcony, more like a French balcony which means it's just a tiny ledge, rather than an actual space to hang out on. Doesn't matter though, it's still an added bonus to the living room. This might even be better, since now we can have both of the doors open to really let some fresh air in.

At first I was concerned about the cats, but the small fence type apparatus I put up works perfectly. I just wanted to block off some of the gaps between the posts. And before you think I'm some kind of a crazy cat lady who's hysterical about the cat's safety, I want to point out that our balcony is relatively low. In fact, I could go stand on the street outside and could easily touch the balcony even without standing on my toes. I've seen our cats jump from that height without a problem. So, considering that there's quite a bit of cars on that street, I figured better safe than sorry.

So, yesterday I got another planter box and some more herbs, this time rosemary and mint. The mint was especially important and I'm very happy to have finally found it. Now, before you think there's some amazing recipe, perhaps for lamb, that needs mint, let me just tell you it's for mojitos. Fresh mint and rum, and some other stuff too. I'm not sure what exactly, Chris is the bartender here. Maybe I'll try to get him to share the recipe... 

Additionally, I got two tomato plants, these ones are larger than the one I already had and they are cherry tomatoes instead of regular. I also washed the windows, which you can't tell from the photos, but I needed to share because it took me a long time. Mainly because I washed the doors and most of the balcony too, not just the windows. I'm also telling you this because I feel the need to point out when I do grown up things like washing the windows.

Anyhow, once it was all set up and washed, I added some more stuff. The chair is in that spot regularly, this time it just faces outside. I put down a rug and two cushions to soften the area a bit. And I don't mean that in an interior design, fake photoshoot kind of a way, I mean it literally 'soften', hardwood floors are exactly that, hard. That rug is actually pretty cool in my opinion. I found it at a garage sale some years ago, it's pretty bright and definitely vintage. And, please keep in mind I did buy it here in Montreal, it's handmade in Finland. 

So, that's the latest from the balcony. I'm sure I'll come up with more stuff to add or change it up.

So, what's the verdict? Do you have ideas what to do with it next? If they are good, I'll do it.