Saturday, June 30, 2012

Transparent mail

So, I have been sending some snail mail recently. I wanted to surprise some people and wanted to come up with something a bit different. I put together a few surprises with a card and a tasty treat.

Here's some of the ones I sent. The main feature of these ones are really the transparent envelopes. I bought these at the same time as I purchased some more packing materials for the recent craft fair. I got a sample pack with 6 different colours.

So, I used a patterned card that I paired with a coloured plastic envelope. Then I included a note and a treat. Depending who the letter went to, I picked different things. Some got tea, others got coffee and I did send a small chocolate bar as well.

I wanted to play with the look and the fact that they were see through, so I packed the surprise on the outside of the card so you could see it. I also used as many different stamps as possible to add to the general look.

I also wanted to make sure that these get to their recipients before posting it here and potentially ruining the surprise (I know for sure 2 people who I mailed a letter to read this blog). Also, I wanted to give you up to date info concerning the delivery of something a tad more unusual than a letter. They all seemed to arrive just fine within the last few days.

If you'd like to try this out, but don't have these types of envelopes, don't worry. I'm writing a tutorial for something similar which doesn't require a purchased plastic envelope, but has the same look. I'll post that soon!

So, what do you think?


  1. Teuvon Kuvat Noormarkusta kävi täällä jatoivottaa hyvää kesän jatkoa.

    1. Kiitos Teuvo ja kiva kun pistaydyit!