Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A trek through the snow

So, I ended up walking around yesterday. However, as it so happened, the storybook snowfall had turned a bit wet, so even though it looked pretty good still, I had to cross small rivers of melting snow to get to my destinations. It was still pretty and I did snap a few photos to show you guys.

Snow in Montreal
I still love the little alleyways that litter this neighborhood.

I managed to pick up quite a few things we needed for the holidays, so it was definitely an effective day. Since I now have the time after finishing the craft shows, it's time for me to start the clean up for the holidays. We're hosting a few parties for the holidays, so I might as well get a head start.

George the cat taking a nap
In the spirit of winter and cozying up, I felt I should share George's new favorite spot. I have exactly one 100% wool scarf and naturally that's where he'll choose to nap...

How are you guys doing? Ready for the holidays?


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