Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Inspiration - Gingerbread Cookies

I'm thinking about cookies. Gingerbread cookies specifically. I'm preparing for the show, but here I am, wishing I'd have gingerbread cookies.

I used to love baking them, I'd do it every year for Christmas, but not so much now that I'm in Canada. In Finland every grocery store sells gingerbread dough, but I haven't seen it here. I could obviously make some myself, but I haven't exactly had the time recently.

I think I'll need to go spend more time in the store after the show is done... Or, assuming I have the time next week, I could look into making the dough myself. I think that would be awesome.

Do you have a good, and preferably easy, recipe for gingerbread cookies you could share with me?

Source: via Linda on Pinterest

On an interesting side note, I've come to realize a fundamental difference between Finnish and North American gingerbread cookies. I'm not talking about taste or consistency (although the North American are much thicker), but about the frosting. In Finland IF (not mandatory) you frost your cookies, they have a few decorative lines here and there. Like the face of a gingerbread man (two dots for eyes and a line for a mouth) or the buttons on his jacket (it so seems that globally the official gingerbread man attire is some sort of a coat or a jacket). Where as in North America the entire cookie seems to be covered in frosting. Ok, I get it, it's not like so everywhere, but in Finland I think that unless you are 5 or younger, covering your entire cookie with frosting is some kind of a faux pas.

I think I need to make these one day...


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