Saturday, December 29, 2012

Welcome to my place!

I realized that I've never really shown much of my home here in my blog. I felt like now would be a good time, with the decorations still up. Plus, I obviously cleaned for the holidays. There have been some glimpses so far, but nothing much. I'm not planning on making an full on tour either, but a few details with the holiday decor.

My entryway

The entryway got a ton of ornaments. I ended up hanging the wreath I made on the wall, instead of the door just because of the delicate glass ornaments. the entry to our condo is on the left and there's a fairly large closet on the right. That's where my shoes live. I'm standing in the living room taking the photo.

my livingroom
If I turn around on the exact spot where the previous photo is taken, you'll see my living room. This particular photo is taken later in the evening as the light comes in directly from the french doors during the day. Those doors behind the tree open to the tiny French balcony I've mentioned before. The one I have my herbs and tomatoes on in the summer. On the left of this photo is the dining area and kitchen. The upstairs of the condo is open, except for a powder room and the office.

Christmas chandelier I added some ornaments to the chandelier over the dining table. Another place to hang the extra delicate ornaments from. Taking this photo I'm standing in my kitchen and facing the living room.

my second tree

There aren't really any decorations in the office, but I do have another tree downstairs in the bedroom. The downstairs has the master bathroom and bedroom, some closet space and the laundry area. This is definitely more of a Scandinavian tree. More minimalistic with some definitely Scandinavian ornaments. When it comes to Christmas trees, I'm definitely the "more is more" type rather than the minimalistic Scandinavian.

my bedroom I took a few steps back from the tree to show you a bit more of the bedroom. The mirrored doors lead to the walk-in closet and the open door to a hallway with the washing machine, dryer and extra storage and ends next to the bathroom and the stairs leading back upstairs.

This is the room I painted while Chris was in Vegas earlier this year. It used to be a dark eggplant colour.

Gossamer  the cat on the bedroom window

The bedroom is at street level, so the cats love sitting on the window sill. This is Gossamer trying to blend in with his surroundings. It's a bit hard to explain the setup, since you actually come into the condo from the top floor and still have a few rooms at the bottom which is not a basement. Well, it might not make sense as an explanation, but it works in reality. I would have to say that's the important part.

I might show some more details and photos from the rest of the rooms later. I love coming up with fun little additions to our place, so there will definitely be neat things to share. More about that next year!


  1. Ihanan näköinen kämppä! Ja toi kuusi, vaudevau! Tosiaan, more is more on munkin filosofia kun on kyse joulukuusista! :) Ja voi dämit ku toi teijän kissa on niin ihana! Toivottavasti sulla on ollut mukava joulu

    1. Kiitos! Joulu oli oikein mukava ja ihan rentouttavakin. Olin ollu kilttina (obviously).

  2. Teijä kämppä on hienoin~ must come to check it out agai soon >;D year Hahahaaa!! Home inspector strikes! Bwaaa, I just love your decorations QuQ~~


    1. Kiits, kiits! Joo, olis kylla aikakin tulla kaymaan! Jos sit kesalla taas!