Monday, December 3, 2012

Mail build up

You thought I'd miss a second Monday in a row, didn't you? I'm working up a storm over here to make sure I have enough cards and ornaments and stickers and everything else for the upcoming fairs. I did want to share some mail though! I've sent out a whole lot and received quite a few in return. I'm sharing some of them, since there's now two weeks worth of mail goodness.


Mail Love - Outgoing I try to add at least a little embellishments to the orders going out to my clients. And, I've tried to come up with new things, even if it's just a slight variation of the previous ones. I've recently got a few messages from happy customers where they've mentioned how they liked the packaging. That always makes my day and I keep trying to add something extra to every order I send out.

Mail Love - Outgoing
There was a week of pink. I felt like the majority of the outgoing mail ended up being pink. Totally not on purpose either.

Mail Love - Outgoing
There's also the first of many packages that are starting to head out into the world (dramatic much?)


Mail Love - Incoming It's been a great two weeks of mail. Not only did I get a whole lot of awesome mail, they were filled with all sorts of surprises too!

Mail Love - Incoming
Check it out! There's an advent calendar from my parents, international tea delivery from Susanne and, get this, a batman cross stitch from Mary! I've been spoiled! Thank you everyone!

So, anything good in the mail for you recently?


  1. :) Toivottavasti keksit jotain tekemistä tolle Bätmänille. Tai miten niin toivottavasti. Tottakai sä keksit!

    1. Todellakin keksin kayttoa. Mulla on itseasiassa jo yks idea jonka haluun kokeilla. Sen pitaa kylla odottaa kunnes oon saanut naa myyjaiset hoidettua pois alta ensin... Toi batman on vaan paras!