Saturday, December 1, 2012

On Craft Fairs, Cards and Christmas ornaments

I know the one thing you don't want to read about in a blog is that the writer's been busy. So, I'm not going to say much about how I've been spending my time recently... Let's just say there is one week to the first craft fair and I'm finally starting to realize that it's not all that long.

Handmade ornaments I also realized I haven't even shown some of the new products here! I'm so happy about the ornaments I've been making. It's one of those ideas I've been playing around a lot and when I finally got it all together, it just makes me so happy.

I've continued with the same principles as my other products, only using repurposed paper. They are either made from book pages, cards, wallpaper or other rescued paper. I assemble them from several separate pieces of paper. I'm especially proud of the fact that they can be packed flat and they are so light you can mail them very easily!

It makes me extremely happy that my lovely customers have embraced the handmade ornaments and the ornaments are finding new, loving homes frequently. It's always such an amazing feeling when someone loves something I've made as much as I do. That's really the reason I run the shop.

Handmade ornaments

Since the aforementioned fairs are close, I've been experimenting with my table display. Although I'm happy with the one I've been using, I feel the holidays need a new setup. So, I found this display rack (I think I mentioned it already) last weekend and was just trying it out. I have to say, the photos just don't do it justice! I love it! In fact, I love it so much, I almost wish I could keep it at home!

I'm off to go make more ornaments and I have a new batch of holiday cards in the works as well. 7 days 'til launch, better get a move on.

Tell me about your plans for the weekend!


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