Sunday, December 2, 2012

In a Magazine - Koto Living

Tervetuloa kaikki suomalaiset lukijani!
[Welcome to my Finnish readers]

My blog featured in a Finnish Magazine This is old news to some of you, but I've been waiting to share this with you guys. There is a reason why this took me a little while, and that reason is that the mail takes a little while to get to me. However, thanks to my darling sister, I can now finally share the exciting news and the reason (well, I assume it's the reason) for a whole lot of new Finnish readers!

My blog featured in a Finnish Magazine
The reason is a new Finnish magazine called Koto Living. Their first issue came out a few weeks ago  and here I am sharing the inspiration pages for the crafts section. See anything familiar?

My blog featured in a Finnish Magazine
That's right, that's a picture of the first letter I wrote to my Lovely Letters partner and right next to it, if you can read it, is a mention of my blog! How exciting! I guess I could've shared this with you guys earlier, but I felt this really needed the photos too. And, you know, I wanted to see it myself too!


I'm quite excited! When I started my blog, I wasn't really expecting anything much, I just really, really wanted to write. And now there are more readers in a day that there were in a whole month when I first started! Thank you all for coming by, leaving comments and just generally reading this blog of mine!

Have you read the magazine? How did you like it?


  1. Very cool! I will pass by Akateeminen and try to see it for myself. And then I'll point it out to strangers in the shop and they'll be all like "dude, get a grip". So just a regular Monday for me in Finland, really.

    1. I think that's exactly what I'd do if I could. But since I couldn't go to the store myself, I just sent Sanna instead. It was still pretty exciting.