Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cottage adventures

For a second winter in a row, a group of my friends decided we need to rent a cottage for a weekend. You can see our last year's trip HERE. Last weekend we all packed up and headed out of the city for a few days in a cabin by the lake.

Cottage February 2013The cottage itself was nice. Smaller than the one we had last year, but it worked for us for the two nights we stayed there.

Cottage February 2013
Cottage February 2013
I have to say I was really impressed how it was decorated. There were details inside I would love to have in my own home.

I can now hear my friends laughing at me for having a picture of that chair here. But, I love it. It was awesome, just look at it! (It might or might not have been the reason I chose that particular room to stay in)

Cottage Feb 2013
[If you look right in the middle of this photo, between the branches of the tree in front, you can see my friends skiing on the frozen lake.]

This year we weren't at a place where you could rent equipment, so those of us with less equipment were a little more limited with activities. Not that I really mind, cross country skiing last year was not my fave... Skating on the other hand, it was fun last year. So much fun in fact, that I now have my own skates. Which, for the record, I have actually used. Just this cottage weekend alone, I went skating three times in two days.

[There was an impressive amount of snow already, see Chris for scale.]

The weather was amazing. We got a lot of snow, but the pretty kind, and it was below 0, but only by a few degrees. It was the perfect outdoor activities weather.

Cottage February 2013
As the evenings got darker, we lit a fire in the fireplace, had great meals and a few drinks. There were some dips in the hot tub (no photos included), a game of scattergories, a yoga challenge (pro tip: don't play if one of your friends is a yoga teacher) and a lot of lazing around, reading books.

It was a whole lot of fun. I think we need to do this once more to officially make it a tradition.


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