Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter egg card DIY

It's time for Easter mail. Once again, I'm using a popular holiday as an excuse to send more mail.

For once I have plenty of photos of this project, so I'm breaking it into two separate posts. This first one would be a fun project for kids to do as well. (I think. I don't have any, so I'm only assuming.)

I wanted to make a simple card to use in my outgoing mail. I had plenty of other ideas as well, you'll see those soon, but besides all the other random things I was planning on sending, I wanted to include something fun to write the wishes on. Since this is Easter mail, what better (and, honestly, easier) than Easter eggs? Also, bunnies. Thou shalt not forget the bunnies!

Simple DIY Easter cards
To start out, make a template (I'm sure there are some online you can just print out. If you do that, just copy the shape onto cardboard). To make one yourself, you'll need sturdy cardboard (I used a cereal box), pencil and a round object to use for drawing circles. A glass or a mug would work, I used a lid from a mason jar. Draw a circle on the cardboard.

Simple DIY Easter cards
Then, using a ruler draw a line across the circle and roughly about an inch above. How much outside of the circle you draw the line depends how large the circle is. For example, the lid I used was just around 3 inches across, so I drew the line about 1 1/2 inches over. That was way too much, the egg looked kinda weird.

To make the egg shape, draw line from the side of the circle to the appropriate height on the line. Cut the egg out.

Simple DIY Easter cards
You now have a template for an egg. I also made one for a bunny. Same idea as the egg, just draw bunny ears on top of the circle.

Simple DIY Easter cards
To use the template, fold paper or cardboard in half and place the template on the folded side of your material. With the bunny, make sure the bunny's cheek and ear both touch the fold. Cut out your card.

And finally, decorate your cards.

Simple DIY Easter cards
Simple DIY Easter cards
I tried out several different colored paper and card, as well as a ton of different methods to decorate them.  First is drawn on with a gel pen. Second, not surprisingly, decorated with washi tape. In the first photo of this post I used pale blue circle stickers on different colors of pastel card. You could also paint on them, use crayons or colored pencils or glue on a collage. Anything you have at hand will work.

I have another post coming up with photos of the entire lot of Easter mail I sent out. It includes photos of the packaging and the other things I packed with the cards. That will be up in the next few days, so stay tuned!

Did you send out any mail for Easter?


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