Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Inspiration - Alternate uses for a trunk

My love for vintage items is no secret. And I'm fairly sure neither is my love for repurposing and upcycling. I've talked before about finding the perfect coffee table and how I would love to find an old trunk for that purpose. Now, I recently made a major score at a thrift store. I'll show you proper photos soon, if you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen a peek already. (If you don't follow me on Instagram, go do it now: @brinnertime)

I am currently trying to figure out what else could one use a old trunk for besides the more obvious choice of a small table.

This is still a table, agreed, but I like the added legs. That alone gives it a new twist. I'm thinking some wheels might be great. Think of the old, industrial style ones.

Source: via Niki on Pinterest

I love the idea of turning it to a bench. These seem very sturdy though, so not just any old thing would work.

Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is pure genius. This is the kind of use of an old item I love to see!

Back in the day everyone (well, the wealthy) used trunks for travelling. They're a nod towards the steamship-transatlantic -era. This is cute for a kid, but I'm thinking how my shoes would love to live in a trunk like this. Just add shelves instead of the drawers.

In all honesty though, I love my current shoe closet.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

A nightstand is, as it so happens, also a type of a table. So nothing new there. However, I like this idea of the trunk being upright. My bedroom doesn't have space for large nightstands, but I didn't think if this. Pretty nifty.

And finally, something completely different. But so ingenious. Obviously works best if you own a large dog. Two tiny cats don't really get the full use of this kind of a set-up.

Can you think of other things to use a vintage trunk for? I'd love to hear them!

P.S. This makes me also think of alternate uses for old suitcases... Maybe I'll write another post on that topic...