Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Scavenger hunt - part two

As I mentioned yesterday, I also sent out a package to my assigned partner and promised to share what I sent once I received confirmation that it had been delivered.

My assigned partner for the swap was Cam. He's a musical theater student living in New York. You can find his post about the package and his reactions to it right HERE. He has more photos over there, so I'll just share a few.

Scavenger hunt - what I sent
This is the city explorer's kit. I clipped some newspaper articles about language, photos and poutine (yes, very important). I added a few maps, one of the Plateau, a metro map and wrapped the whole thing in a larger map of Montreal. I also added a few flyers I really liked. I also included notes and comments on the various things I sent. And finally I topped it off with the favorite photo I've taken of Montreal.

Scavenger hunt - what I sent

Scavenger hunt - what I sent

Out of the list of 10 things, I ended sending Cam a package full of mail goodies, something not square or rectangular, a bad day survival kit, something describing me, the city explorer's kit you already saw and finally a small gift. You can see all the photos from Cam's blog.

Scavenger hunt - what I sent

Scavenger hunt - what I sent
I wrapped it all in tissue paper and finally a map.

I do think he liked it, which makes me very happy.

I would also like to mention that, YES! I am indeed a Tetris master! It makes so happy that you noticed that Cam! Seriously! Growing up in a culture emphasizing humbleness and teaching us that bragging and boasting is bad, this is the one thing I will openly admit being proud of! My spatial conceptualization skills are out of this world. I have mad packing skillz! And YES, I win at Tetris! Damn straight peeps!

Please listen to this while thinking about how amazing I am at packing my suitcases for traveling

Thank you!