Thursday, March 28, 2013

We're hunting wabbits

With someone who's two cats are named after Bugs Bunny cartoons, you can't really blame me for making wabbit-season jokes.

I couldn't stay away. I wanted to share the final pastel-y, see-though-y goodness I sent earlier in hopes they would reach their destinations before Easter. You saw the cards I made and here's the whole package.

I think they look so fun! I used all different colored plastic envelopes and stuffed them with more colorful things. Besides the egg cards, there's some candy, egg-shaped confetti and, of course, these:

Emergency bunnies. Each vellum envelope contains individually wrapped bunny-gummy candy, the oddest bunny shaped confetti (seriously guys. Is that not the awesomest, yet creepiest confetti ever?) and some bunny ears cut out of paper.

Please note my mad drawing skillz (you always spell that with a 'Z'), a proof that 8 years of art school did not go to waste!!!

So, what do you think? Would you like to receive something like this in the mail?