Wednesday, October 26, 2011

If the shoes fits

I've been talking a lot about crafting and thrift stores and Etsy, but that's not all I'm about. (wow, sounds pretty... umm... revealing?) I do have another great passion (ok, there's more than one, but I'll get to those later). Something I get just as excited as I get about crafts and that I'll never get bored talking about.

Ooh, shoes are awesome! (see, I get excited already)

I love my "Loca's" by Brian Atwood.

I have a (not so) secret wishlist of shoes that I'd like to own. Not that I really expect to one day own them all, but a girl can hope, right? I love heels! I really absolutely do. And I reach 6 feet easily in my favourite pairs. (I'm somewhere around 5'8 in flats)

Also, to balance that out, I really dig sneakers. Go figure.


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