Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mad thrifting skills (or luck)

The McGill book fair was great! I found two vintage atlases with amazing maps, a Nature atlas with incredible illustrations and funky hand illustrated book about Canadian coins. Not sure what those will become yet. I'm sure I'll come up with something eventually.

As I already mentioned (I think) I use a lot of second hand and vintage materials in my crafts. To get these materials, I do frequent several second hand shops. I try to support charity shops, just to get the double good feeling. First, finding great treasures and materials AND support a good cause.

I've been making some really great finds recently on these trips. Last weekend I found the recipe box and a few books, this week it was the book fair.

A few weeks ago, during the thanksgiving weekend I was visiting my in-laws and made a few stops to second hand stores around their neighborhood. I dropped by the Village des Valeurs (Value Village) and found some great treasures there too. Besides the more common haul of a few books and LP records I found an awesome scarf!

It's a beautiful yellow Coach silk scarf. The condition is impeccable! You can still see the creases where it was originally folded, couldn't believe my luck. The pattern, logo and tags are all correct, so I'm confident I found the real deal. Couldn't be happier!


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