Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mail Karma

This week I've been thinking about mail. The old fashioned kind, you know, involving stamps and the post office. I heard about the 52 weeks of mail challenge from a customer and then discussed snail mail in general with another... Old fashioned mail is awesome.

Yet, somehow I don't send enough mail. Sending Etsy orders out don't count in this case, even though it's exciting every time. The 52 weeks of mail sounds like a wonderful idea, and even though I doubt I can participate to the full year's worth of mail, I want to take part in a smaller scale.
(Seriously, I just spend 15 minutes looking for a photo of a mail box or something else appropriate and didn't find anything. Except a R2D2 mail box from a trip to Charlotte (which was awesome, both mailbox and trip), but I was also in it and the photo was a bit blurry. So, no dice. This was the best option. Note to self: start taking photos of mail boxes, people think you're weird anyway)

(note 2 to self: stop making text inside the brackets longer than the ones without)

Anyhow, I've decided to send out something in the mail at least this week. Something handwritten and for no particular reason.

Thanks for the inspiration Pam!


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