Wednesday, October 12, 2011

'Tis the season to be crafty

I'm already thinking about the holidays. I'm THAT person who starts their holiday shopping from the post-Christmas sales in January and has usually bought all the presents by early November. Not because I'm super-organized or particularly efficient either, but because I find Christmas is the best crafting holiday.

I keep getting holiday craft ideas all year 'round, but things start picking up around September/October. I'm thinking about cards and wrapping and decorations... But oddly enough (yeah... insert eye-roll here) my home doesn't look like a spread from the Martha Stewart magazine. (I can right now hear the hysterical laughter of every person who has ever known me)

But I don't mean this in the orderliness, neatness, perfectly color-coordinated way. I mean this in the 'everything in the house is appropriately themed to match the holiday/season/occasion/whatever' kind of way. I do have a Christmas tree for sure. And a Gingerbread house. But that's about it. And my tree does not look like anything from Martha Stewart either. I't glitsy and kitchy and yes, there's an Elvis. A glitter Elvis no less!

I got a bit side-tracked again, but I'm sure I'll post more about the tree closer to Christmas.

The original point was the holidays. Best crafting time ever!

What do you plan on making?


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