Saturday, October 15, 2011

Unexpected free time

That's the best, isn't it? Finding yourself with a free weekend when you weren't expecting it. I was supposed to work this weekend, but it was cancelled last minute and moved to the next one instead. So, now I have full two days to do whatever I want. Which is total awesomeness!

Right now I'm chopping up some maps. I did mention I have a vast collection of them... I make stationary sets out of the maps, so there's always some cutting and assembling to do. I cut them all by hand too, so it takes a while. I don't mind though, I actually really like doing that. It's like a surprise for me too, to see how they turn out.

As you can see, once I've cut, folded and glued them, I press them to make sure they won't get wonky. I use a heavy book to do that. I always use the same one, Diana Gabaldon's 'Drangonfly in Amber'. I found that a few years ago at a yard sale and had to buy it since it was in Finnish. (I'm originally from Finland) Now, I actually didn't read it for a long time and ended up using it to press envelopes and cards I make. FInally this summer I run out of stuff to read and this one was conveniently on my crafts desk.

Man, am I ever glad I started reading it. I found out later, that it was the second book from the series. So, I clearly had to get the first one for my Kobo, and then the third one, and the fourth... I read all 7 books in a few months. Of course, I only found out once I was almost finished with the last one, that it wasn't, in fact, the last of the series... There will be one more at least... This always happens to me. I get into a series, read them all, only to find out that there's one more and it isn't even out yet.

I should've learned by now.


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