Sunday, October 16, 2011

Free weekend, part deux

Yesterday I also took a walk to enjoy the day, didn't just sit inside all day making stuff. I ended up, as so often happens, to one of my local thrift stores. I go to the usual ones pretty often. I need materials and I always find so many things that inspire me too. This time I found a few books, including an awesome "The New World Encyclopedia of Cooking" from 1979. I'm not sure what I'll make out of it yet, but I figure it'll just hit me one day.
I also found this really neat box. It's hard plastic, dark blue with a clear cover and has a picture of a knife and fork on the front. It's pretty odd to be honest, but I couldn't resist. I first thought it was meant to store cutlery, but it's way too small for it. I guess it's a recipe box. Well, whatever it was originally meant for it's now housing my finished stationary sets. It's a perfect size for it and more than anything, it keeps them safe from my over-eagar crafting assistants.

Also, I joined Twitter and Pinterest. Wow, what a weekend on nerdy standards :D


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