Friday, October 28, 2011


Tonight, after running some errands, it's finally time to carve the pumpkins we got last weekend. They've been outside, it's been chilly enough for them to keep, and I can happily report that no critters (there are cats and squirrels in the court yard) have gotten to them.

Found through Pinterest

I bought the small ones to try out the mini pumpkins with vampire teeth and the big one is for regular carving. (and roasted pumpkin seeds too). I love this next one...

Found through Pinterest

I don't know what I'll do yet, previous years I did try a cat and Jack Skellington from 'Nightmare before Christmas'. I was thinking of something more traditional, but we'll see. Pinterest has been very helpful in getting some ideas.

I really like these houses. This might be worth the try. I'll post a picture once they are done.

Are you carving one this year? What are you going to make?


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