Monday, October 10, 2011


And welcome to Hipster-Curious! My name is Catt and I'm a crafter.

I collect old books, maps, used stamps and make something new and useful out of them. I've assembled a vast collection of discarded and un-loved objects I try to repurpose to a new use. To be fair, I don't limit myself to just upcycling, I like to try out all sorts of crafty projects.
I run an Etsy shop, called Brinner, where I sell some of the paper crafts I make. I absolutely adore my shop, yet felt like I needed another creative outlet as well. I needed a place to talk about the ideas I have (successful and especially the not-so-successful ones), things I want to make, projects I've been thinking about and most of all, that really awesome paper I found and I just can't get over how squee-worthy it is. (Yes, I tend to squee in delight over pretty things. Only a little though. Everybody does that. Right?)

(Also, "Squee" is totally a word)

Anyhow, I'm very excited to get started. My head is full of ideas I need to get out and hopefully writing them down will help me keep organized.



  1. Je viens de découvrir ta boutique sur Etsy et ton blog... Super!

    (Tu parles français, n'est-ce pas?!)

    Julie xox

  2. Salut Julie!

    Bienvenue sur mon blog! Je parle un peu français... And gladly understand a bit more than speak. I've been visiting your blog recently and will continue reading the posts.

    Thanks for the comment!