Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We went today to look for some pumpkins. I wanted one or two big ones for carving and a couple of small ones so I can try out that awesome fanged pumpkin from the post from yesterday. There's quite a number of small, independently owned grocery stores around the area, so I try to support those whenever I get a chance.

Lucky for us, we found a good selection of pumpkins from the first one we went to and now I'm the happy owner of a very small pumpkin patch. (Ok, they aren't growing, so does that count as a pumpkin patch? probably not, sounds better than pumpkin collection though, don't you think?)

We got a nice big one and three miniature pumpkins. I already went to the dollarstore (oh, dollarama, what would I do without you?) yesterday and got a pack of vampire teeth. I guess the packs are for wanna-be vampires who grind their teeth (get it? so, they'll have spares. hehee... umm.. sorry. I'll try not to make bad jokes again...)

Anyhow, check out the pumpkins! I left them outside on the patio/balcony/whatever, I figured it's cool enough outside so they'll keep until next weekend.


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