Monday, June 4, 2012

Bits and pieces

My days have seemed a bit disjointed recently. I've done and accomplished quite a bit, yet somehow it feels like there's so much still to do in a very short period of time. I have several ideas of what to make prototypes of. I also have a lot of things to talk to you guys about. And, most of all, I have a whole lot of things to make for the show. When I look at the photos I've taken recently, I know I've done a lot.

I've walked around the neighbourhood and noticed a lot of vespas. I mean, I know where I live, so it is to be expected (for those of you who have not been to Montreal, the Plateau area is quite hipster-tastic. hipster-centric. Definitely hipster-curious (hence the blog name)), but somehow I really started paying attention this time. There's a ridiculous amount of vespas around.

Chris and I went out for Korean barbecue last Friday. We were actually supposed to go try out Grumman '78 (a.k.a the Montreal taco truck), but it wasn't open once we got there. So, we ended up at an all you can eat Korean restaurant called Seoul Chako and it was a pleasant surprise. I'd go again.

If you go, get the lamb and the spareribs. I was trying to figure out what to recommend on the menu if you're a vegetarian and even though you do have a decent amount of veggie options, I do think the price is a bit high if you're not having any of the meat/shellfish/fish dishes (~$24 on weekend evenings).

I've also tested out some crafting ideas that I've been turning over in my head for a while. There's some more testing to be done, but I will have at least one tutorial coming up. It'll have to wait until after the Puces Pop show, but afterwards there will be other types of crafting here as well. I did learn, however, that taking photos of uber-blingy costume jewelry is really hard. The photos turned out horrible. I need to figure that out too before I can post any instructions...

I'm off to make more notebooks... What are your plans for the week?


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