Thursday, June 7, 2012

Taking stock

It's 2 days to go until the show and it's time to go over everything I have, need and can still make. I have a good amount of products to bring with me and there are still things in various stages of readiness. I'm trying to think about this so that anything I finish between now and Saturday is a bonus.

I am ready to go with the items I have at this point. Of course, the more selection I have, the better. This is especially true since every items I make is unique. I can't make the same thing twice.

I have a lot of new types of greeting cards, very different from what I had at the last show.

I'm also introducing the notebooks, which are completely new to the Brinner product line.

I'm finalizing my table set up today and tomorrow, so you'll get to see the final results either after the show or at the show if you get a chance to drop by. I think I'd better go make a to do list and check if there's anything I still need to pick up.

Yay, so excited!


  1. Ooh! Hirvee läjä noita vihkoja! Olisi ollut kiva ihan paikan päällä hiplata noita hehe mutta taitaa olla väähään pitkä matka :(

    1. Mun tavotteena noiden vihkojen kanssa oli saada 100 mukaan ja sain alkuviikosta sen maaran tayteen. Ehdin jopa tehda muutaman ylimaarasen, joten oon tyytyvainen.

      Saattaapi tosiaan olla ehka aavistuksen pitka matka ihan noin vaan poikkeemaan, saali kylla. Laitan kuvia sitten ens viikolla.