Monday, June 18, 2012

Let's talk about it!

Hello everybody!

I've been thinking about my blog recently quite a bit. I really enjoy writing and love all the comments I'm getting. I have a ton of topics I wanted to write about and was really waiting to start on those once the craft show was over. That's now done and I'm trying to figure out where to start.

I realized I've never really asked what do you like to read about.

I never really come up with an exact category for my blog. I don't think it necessarily needs one, since I like to write about a ton of different things. Mainly whatever happens to pop in my head at any given time. I also figured that eventually this blog will find it's way, so I'm just going to wait an see where I end up.

So, a question for you; what would you like to hear / read about? Crafts? Fashion? Home decor? Montreal? Something else?


  1. Voting for crafts and Montreal. But it's all fun to read.

  2. Montreal! Crafts! And cats! Naah, everything of course :)Jatka samaan malliin!

    1. Ok, noting these! Samalla linjalla siis mennaan, kiitos!