Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday inspiration

Today's inspiration is something I didn't think I would post about. Let me explain, we've all seen it everywhere. It's masking tape! That's it. In my head I was thinking how special can it be?

Photo from here

I did want to try it, but thought the price was steep. Then I decided to go for it. At least to know what the fuzz was about. And I figured it's not going to go to waste, I send mail out weekly. If nothing else, I'll use it for packaging.

Photo from here

Yeah... I have to admit... It's kinda fun.

Photo form here

I collected a few projects for today's Friday inspiration post. I'll post some things I've done myself later.

Have you tried it? If not, would you like to?


  1. Tahtoo kokeilla! Mä en vaan "raaski" ostaa sitä, ku maksaa täällä päin niin paljon. Tahtoo pimpata mun läppärin!

    1. Samasta syysta makaan en aikasemmin raaskinu ostaa. Varsinkin kun tuntuu, ettei yks oikein riita mihinkaan, pitais ainakin olla pari erilaista. Oon nyt testaillu muutamassa eri paikassa ja on noin kyl aika siisteja... laitan ens viikolla kuvia.