Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Making it a good mail day

I love getting snail mail. The 'old fashioned' kind, in envelopes and with stamps. I also really enjoy sending it and I often find little things I want to send someone. I have a ton of old school stickers, airmail, letters, numbers, address labels, you name it. And I have a huge selection of envelopes, both bought and hand made.

And some how when I think of sending a letter, too often I'm missing something I need or just couldn't find that thing I wanted to send. It gets frustrating. So, I've decided to put together a box just for writing supplies. And, keep it separate from my business mailers. Those are in one place and I have a pretty decent system for mailing orders out.

This is purely for personal correspondence (sounds better than "when I feel like sending weird stuff to people"). I really hope this will help me getting a lot more mail out there. I'm doing another major organizing project, so I'm collecting things into the box as I find them. I'll post more details about some of the cool stuff I'm using later. I also have a few mail related experiments I really want to try out, more on those as well.

Do you still send snail mail? Do you have a lot of supplies? If so, how do you keep them organized?


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