Monday, June 25, 2012

Moleskin journal and washi tape

I've been testing out the Japanese masking tapes I bought recently and I think I'm starting to get a hang of it. Naturally the first place I tried them on was my journal. 

On some of the pages I just tried the different kinds of tapes without real rhyme or reason (I would like to claim this was an artistic decision, but I just got carried away). This particular page worked well, because there are 3 important birthdays that week as well as the Puces Pop fair.

I also marked some important pages with the tape. This way I can see where the details that I need are. For example, I've written down some addresses I use often, so might as well mark that page. (Another page I marked was the one with measurement conversions. I still can't figure pounds vs. kilograms or feet vs. meters...)

So far they've been very handy. I've even made little masking tape tags for the journal. What do you think? What would you do with the tape on a journal? I'll try any good ideas!


  1. Mainio idea! :) Ehkä sitä pitäis hankkia vähän tuollaista teippiä. Ihan vähän vaan.

    1. Ehka varoituksen sana olis paikallaan, ma en tieda sopiiko "ihan vahan vaan" tahan tilanteeseen ollenkaan. Mutta hauskaa se on kylla, en edes ajatellut etta se olis niinkin viihdyttavaa...

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