Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas trees

If you ever wondered what happened to all the Christmas trees, I have the answer. They were out yesterday en masse.

Invasion of Christmas trees on Jan 16 I left my place and the first thing I see, right in front of the stairs leading to my building, is a christmas tree. My first thought is I should've kept mine up a little longer since someone only now got rid of theirs. I walk a few blocks with the intention to take some photos of the nice buildings but I started noticing something odd...

Invasion of Christmas trees on Jan 16 More Christmas trees. They were everywhere!

I counted 16 trees on a length of roughly 4 blocks. Is there an official "Christmas is over" day? If so, I wish I would've known! I already took down the tree a while ago. (Which I was kinda sad about. I like the tree and wish I could have it up for longer. I think it's the lights that really get me. And the glitter. Definitely the glitter)

I actually wanted to take photos since the day was so nice and sunny. It was around 0 degrees Celcius and as you can see, hardly any snow on the sidewalks. It felt like spring! Of course it snowed last night and the temperatures can apparently drop to -26 degrees today.

Well, the one thing you can say about the Montreal weather is that it's inconsistent.

Anowho... Any ideas what's up with the trees? All theories welcome!


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