Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Mail

We're almost back to normal now! At least when it comes to Monday mail posts... Christmas and the blizzard we got messed up the regular postal schedule and I still got some holiday cards early last week. So, this is (hopefully) the last week with a mail love post that's a tad Christmassy and all over the place.

Before we get into more detailed photos of the outgoing and incoming mail, I wanted to show you a collection of incoming holiday mail. I wanted to display the cards we got, so I taped them to the wall in the living room. I think the display turned out awesome and I don't see why I wouldn't do this with regular mail too... Maybe not in the living room, but I think it would look fun next to my work space.

Mail Love - Incoming
Another great use for washi tape!

And onwards to the mail...


Mail Love - Outgoing
Another one of my brightly colored, all over the place pieces of mail. Sometimes I just feel like adding everything on an envelope.

Mail Love - Outgoing
Mail Love - Outgoing Other times simple is better. The top one is made from a piece of drawer liner, so it smells like lilies and the second one is made from a book page.


Mail Love - Incoming With all sorts of things coming in the mail, I wanted to share the few that aren't for Christmas. A cat postcard from an art exhibit and a letter. The envelope has puffy sushi stickers... Pretty awesome. Thank you!

So, have you returned to regular mailing?