Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What can we do indoors?

Today is cold. Being born and raised in the north -5 Celsius is not cold, even if you're not a wintery kind of a person. The -26 Celsius we have today, however, could constitute as a 'tad nippy'. Just kidding, it's freezing cold out and I am not going to voluntarily go outside unless I absolutely have to.

Good news is, I have a ton of stuff to do today and luckily (or at least so far) seem to have everything I need to do those said things. I ran a ton of errands yesterday, which I deemed a stupid idea when I was outside with -21 degrees, but in hindsight might not have been such a bad idea after all.

The only thing though was that I wanted to go back to a thrift store I was in yesterday. I wasn't sleeping well last night, so while I was tossing and turning in bed, I came up with a brilliant idea for a small table I saw at the shop yesterday. I am tempted to go back, but haven't convinced myself yet. We'll see.

Quinoa, avocado and tomato salad, brinnertime.comAnyhow, while I'm thinking about braving the arctic outside, I haven't been idle. I've been testing some new options for easy and cheap dinners/lunches and so far the results have been quite tasty. Assuming the rest goes to plan, I have a couple of nifty ideas for you lazy and stingy cooks (like myself) out there. See the photo; doesn't look half bad, right? (Tastes pretty good too)

Vintage ledger paper Despite the ridiculously cold weather outside, it's absolutely beautiful. The sun is shining full force and the light is stunning. Which means I need to take as many photos as possible. And I have some other projects I'm trying out too, currently involving vintage ledger paper. Again, I'll post tutorials as I get things tried and tested.

How's your Wednesday going?


  1. ooo what's in that foodie?! that look SO NOMMY! :0


    1. Believe it or not, it's quinoa (with avocado, cherry tomatoes and mini mozzarella). It turned out good and it's super easy. I'll write a recipe soon.

    2. oooohhh~ never actually tasted quinoa just like that~ awesome! and thankies! I shall be watching for the recipe, all of that sounds so good together~ >8D