Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Mail

I'm keeping the momentum going. There's still some mail I owe, but I'm almost caught up.


I tried a few different things this week, just to mix it up a bit...

I wanted to make sure that this one is not going to be mistaken for a bill... The envelope was made here and covered in all sorts of stickers.

Mail Love - Outgoing
This is more muted but pretty awesome, even though I say so myself. It was an accidental craft and so much fun to make that I'm writing a tutorial for you guys. It's simple and cheap and totally awesometastic. Stay tuned for the tutorial!

Mail Love - Outgoing
Some more washi tape decorations. Oh, and I tried a different kind of a banner for the address label.

As you can see from the two previous photos, I am running low on stamps. It's just incredible at what speed I go through these and I know I don't actually send *that* much mail... I had to get more and ended up spending almost $70. Oopsie. I'll show you what $70 worth of stamps looks like once I get them.

Mail Love - OutgoingOne more of the same envelopes you saw here. This is the last one. I need to make more.


Mail Love - Incoming
I got a few things this week. The one on the bottom is actually something I ordered online. The top one is a really nice collage from my friend Lynn. She definitely has this repurposing thing down!

Did you get anything good in the mail?


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