Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Inspiration - Coffee table

A new coffee table has been on the shopping list for a long, long time... There's nothing really wrong with the current one we have, it's just been around for a long time. Now, I do believe in investing in furniture that's going to be around for a long time and I don't want to toss something simply because it's outdated.

In the case of our current coffee table, it's close to the end of it's journey. It's actually a table Chris bought very cheaply from Ikea when he first moved out on his own about a decade ago. We've already switched the legs, painted it and re-covered it. I'll show you photos another time, but needless to say it has suffered through the moves and I doubt it can be salvaged from this.

So, we have been talking about replacing it for a while. A few years already. I have a good idea what I want, but we've yet to find one we both like, at least in a reasonable price point.

I'd love something upcycled...

...something salvaged...

...or something vintage.

I love the style.

Of course the ultimate dream is to find a vintage truck to use as a coffee table. (Yeah, Louis Vuitton... Sure! I would love a coffee table that I would be way too scared to put anything on... Oh, and the cats would probably like scratching it...)

What's your favourite?


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