Thursday, November 1, 2012

After Halloween

As much as I love Halloween, it is now done for a year. Certainly there will be some stragglers left behind and some parties going on next weekend, but, no matter if we want it or not, it's now November.

Ah, November. The month of moustaches and when it really starts getting darker (not necessarily related, yet I guess they could be). Most people don't really like November.

Contrary to popular beliefs, I think November is awesome!

I have so many fun things planned for this month! There's a whole lot of Christmas related things, but many, many seasonal ones too! There's ideas how to celebrate the fall through snailmail and how to make waiting for the holidays even more fun! I have a whole lot of new things to share with you guys and hopefully some exciting news too! (I don't know about the news yet either, I'm waiting too. Not trying to be mysterious here)

Plans for November
Look at this! I even made a daily plan for HipsterCurious for the entire month of November. I took a photo just when I started filling it up with the topics to write about so you'll see them as we get there.

Aren't you impressed?

As a final goodbye to October, here's what a halloween pumpkin looks afterwards (pumpkin hangover of sorts)

Pumpkin hangover

EWWW! tee-hee *snort*


  1. Haha, that's hilarious! Why don't we see this more often? He's like and angry old man. Wonderful!

    1. I know! This is an old photo, since Evil-Bob is still doing well, but this cracks me up every time. I agree, it does look like a grumpy old man.