Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DIY Advent Calendar - There's still time!

Have you thought about making a Christmas calendar but just didn't have the time? Did it seem like too much work? No worries, I've learned some tips and tricks over the years that will help you in the process.

To give you some background and show my credentials as a Christmas calendar expert; I've made one for Chris every year we've been together, with the exception of two years ago when we got married at the end of November. I've told you this part already. I try to gather up little things for it whenever I see something I think he'll like.

Not to worry though, even if you just decided to make one, you can still put one together for December 1st, which is this upcoming Saturday! The easiest way to fill the little packages is to buy candy. Buy two or three different kinds of the recipient's favorites and you're set. You could wrap almost anything, see an idea list at the end of the post.

DIY Christmas Calendar The things you'll need to make it happen;
- 24 or 25 pieces of candy, small toys or other little things for the packages (the number depends when you celebrate, December 24th or 25th, basically one for each day until Christmas)
- Wrapping paper, one kind is enough, but I used two and some tissue paper
- Stickers for the numbers (gift tags work too, or just use a marker directly on the paper)
- scissors
- tape (masking and/or regular)
- a marker

DIY Christmas Calendar
I start by writing the correct numbers on the stickers. Now, you can just write them on a piece of paper as long as you have the correct numbers. I find this helps a whole lot in getting organized. I wrote the numbers on the stickers and laid them out on the table in order. This really helps you see which candy/toy/present goes to which day. This doesn't necessarily matter, but I always try to make sure there isn't the same candy two days in a row. When the numbers are laid out like this, is really easy to switch things around.

Once you have it all figured out, cut the wrapping paper into pieces. I find it much easier to pack everything if you have the wrapping paper already cut out into small squares. I pack the little presents, stick on the number sticker (obviously you can just write the number on  with the marker if that's your preference) and then put them back in order on the table where I started by sorting them out. I like to triple-check things, so it just saves time this way.

Remember, the items can be as big or small as you want. You can get larger items too, especially is you don't need to send it anywhere.
Other ideas for gifts:
- a magazine
- cookie cutters
- baking supplies, like cupcake liners or sprinkles
- stickers, notepads or other stationery items
- a DVD
- nail polish or makeup
- Christmas ornament
- tea or hot chocolate

Disclaimer: I have not gotten all these for Chris, but was thinking generally items you could use!

So, are you going to make one?


  1. Soo cute! :D Tää on aika hyvä idea btw! Yks mun kavereista on niin skitsona joululahjoihin, että tämähän olisi mahtava idea hänelle! (koska se ei oo se sisältö joka on tärkeintä vaan määrä - ei se ei ole 4 vuotta vanha haha)

    1. Siis maara on tietysti oleellinen! Sanoinkin jo, mutta tosi kiva kuulla etta inspiroiduit tasta! Kerrothan mika oli saajan reaktio?